How we started Stoked About

Stoked About was started by healthy living surfer dudette and dude.

We went on a vacation in Morocco

STOKED ABOUT is a luxury natural beauty brand founded in 2019 by Katja and Sayf, healthy living surfers and lovers of the sea and nature. It all began with one surf trip in Morocco and really, with one ingredient. They discovered argan oil and many more countless local, beauty secrets and ancient traditions using natural beauty remedies.

Katja and Sayf decided to craft natural and sustainable skincare products that are made from purely plant-based, nontoxic, rawsome ingredients to superfood the skin for those who value health and the quality of being eco-friendly.

The idea further evolved during many surf trips around the world, always surrounded by tropical vegetation, a fresh ocean breeze, waves and sunny beaches and ... all the wilderness. That's why the brand is inspired by nature and surf lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

Katja and Sayf see the urgent need to protect oceans and seas. With STOKED ABOUT, a brand was created that combines the raw and healing power of natural ingredients with environmentally conscious packaging and the concern for the protection of the planet.